img02 Mr. Asif Parvez Naqvi

Principal's Message

Welcome to WHPS, Musafirkhana! I hope the website impersonates the effigy of our school as well as asseverates its ideologies and values. We have tried to assort the school and its system entirely to quench your thirst for knowledge.

The world which our children are inheriting is far more complex and challenging than the one we have left behind. We are no more insulated from the rest of the world but are a part and parcel of it. Our main thrust of education should result in emergence of a personality which is not only capable of looking after itself but also to be a good citizen who can make the world a better place to live in – a good citizen who does not gloat over of only his/her successes but also learns how to be a graceful loser.

As such the school is in some sort a miniature of community, a miniature of the best elements in the great society outside.

Here at WHPS,  the children meet with a blend of traditional and progressive values. It is the conservation of our ancient heritage and yet it is progressive enough to keep pace with the advancement that generates dynamism and stimulates positive and desirable changes in society.

It is well said ‘You know what you are, but you do not know what you can become’. Here comes our responsibility to educate, guide, train, and inspire the young impressionable minds to explore and utilize their full potential and dazzle like a rare gem.

We welcome you to our world of positive efforts, faith, fulfillment and hope will enjoy travelling with us to actualize our shared dream and to dream new!