Rules & Regulation


Every student must bring his/her diary to school daily. If a student loses the diary ,a fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied for a new one School diary must be kept safe and intact .

 1.Students should attend classes immediately on the opening day, after each vacation. Absence without leave attracts disciplinary action .

2. Punctuality and regularity in attendance is a must.

3. Students should alwayswear neat and proper school uniform .

 4. Boys should have their hair trimmed . Youngsters should be clean shaved No." Mushroom cut" hair style is allowed, Sikh boys may use blue turban .

5.Girls should have their hair well groomed (Girls with long hair should have it plaited neatly) , Jewellery should be avoided Only simple earrings are allowed .

6. Nails should be properly trimmed. Use of nail polish is prohibited.

 7. Discipline must be strictly maintained .The school is a "Zero Noise Zone" and maximum possible silence should be maintained everywhere.

8. Students must be polite and disciplined .

9. School's  property should not be tampered with or  damaged. Anyone found damaging the property    will be fined Rs. 100/- in addition to the expenses incurred in repair of the property damaged.

10. Students are allowed to enter the school in civil dress only on their birthdays.

11. Students are not allowed to carry cell phones, walkman or any other gadgets in school. If anyone found having so it will be confiscated and the student may  be rusticated or expelled from school.

12.  Chewing gum and pan masala are not allowed whether in the school or on educational tours.

13. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work , disobedience and disrespect to members of the staff or immoral activity of any type will not be tolerated .

14. Giving tips to class IV employees of the school is strictly forbidden.

15. Students must refrain form cheating swearing, smoking, use of drugs and vulgar language. Offenders will be punished in accordance with the law.



1. Parents are expected to co-operate the school in shaping their children.

2. Students coming late and also they who are in an incomplete uniform will be denied to enter the school.

3. Parents should use school diary to communicate with the teachers, Parents are requested to see their ward's diary and put their signature.

4. Change in address/telephone one number must be intimated to the school immediately.

5. It is the duty of parents/ guardians to see that their children do their homework regularly. School diary will help you to do it.

6. Parents should arrange a conducive sitting place to study at home .

7. Encourage the children to read knowledgeable books at home.

8. Parents must attend parent’s teachers meeting regularly and collect the report card.

9. Do not bribe or gratify any staff of school . It is treated as breach of trust.

10. Please do not send expensive items with your ward to school.

11. Students must attend school functions in school uniform.

12. A student ailing from a contagious disease must not be sent to school.